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It's Fucking Heinous (Nothing Works Except Beige)


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Up in the Gallery

NWEB approached Clare and Elsie with a proposal to come together for an exhibition at the George Paton gallery. We were interested in the similarities in the practices - both artists are playing with precognitive images or structures that are innate/within opposed to learned/conceived. The artists share a tender nuance that could be defined as poetic. Poiesis - making. Both practices offer a self-reflexive system that bears the marks of its construction. In doing so the viewer becomes a part of the construction. The project became an editorial task. We asked Claire and Elsie to rewrite or write from Franz Kafka’s ‘Up in the Gallery’. Consistent with Kafka's work the story plays with the relationship of being and appearance. The story is indeterminate and could take the form of a dream, it’s slippery and subjective. The responses to the text play on the idiosyncrasies of Kafka’s story and take both poetic and narrative forms.

Virtual Signalling

NWEB Participates in Virtual Signalling Curated by Karl Halliday.

Blindside Website


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images for Cognition 2020

NWEB have made an artists book.. We wanted to collaboratively author an unbound publication with images from five of our friends. The book is to be distributed unbound, without any direction as to how to order the pages, an index prone to disorder. The simple materiality of the book is important, loose images can be displayed and organised according to the particular viewers interests and impulses. Facilitating freedom and agency in engagement.

For a copy please email nwebclub@gmail.com there is no charge.

Clara Joyce, Hugo Blomley, Nicola Blumenthal, Paul Boye, Savanna Szelski, Simon McGlinn, Tom Rogers.


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Part 1:

NWEB World Toure pt.i

local collaborative project

NWEB World Toure pt.ii

local collaborative project

disLOcated affecT

James Roche

in two parts

Revised Perspective

Angus Brown, Louis Mcgowan

UV degradation experiments (for Gavin and Jarrah)

Simon McGlinn

Perhaps Walter Benjamin's most well known essay, "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction," identifies the perceptual shift that takes place when technological advancements emphasize speed and reproducibility.

Jieun Ha and Kostas Pavlidis

Idea Generation

Masato Takasaka, Masato Takasaka

Part 2:

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Let me sit in the corner, I've just turned Zero.

Pdf download available via image link

Aaron Christopher-Rees, Sean Dowsett, Matt Hinkley, Clara Joyce, Joshua Krum, Gabriella D'Costa, Christina May-Carey, Louis McGowan, Thomas Minchinton-Kimpton, Liam Osborne, Pascoe Redwood, Eugene Stewart, Savanna Szleski, Charles Wheeler, Alex Whitehouse

NWEB at the GPG

Nicola Blumenthal, Casper Connolly & Jasper Jordan-lang, Sean Dowsett & Clara Joyce, Jasper Jordan-lang, Clara Joyce, Madeleine Peters


Part 1:

As they were (Nearly)

Hugo Blomley/Clara Joyce

As They Were (Nearly) documentation

Today and yesterday…. But what about tomorrow?

Evangela Lines-Morrison/Eve Wickson

Today and yesterday documentation


Abella Dangerr/Jimmy Roche

Vanuatu documentation

Self Ruling Democracy

All artists are unknown

Self Ruling Democracy documentation


All artists are Unknown and irrelevant

Stockpile documentation

Part 2:

(Untitled) Paintings (Fantasy daffodil closet)

Nicola Blumenthal/Madeline Peters/Savanna Szleski

(Untitled) Paintings (Fantasy daffodil closet) documentation

the contradictions of the shell, which at times is so rough outside and soft, so pearly

Emily Arenas Zarate/Jarrah Storey

contradictions of the shell documentation


Curated By Savanna Szleski


Miniatures documentation


Curated by Anna Savage


Anna Savages Show documentation

Recent and Incomplete works by Mathew Ware

Mathew Ware

“From the Bible to Oedipus Rex to King Lear, literature has long concerned itself with the difficult relations that sometimes arise between members of different generations. The Fifth Commandment- ‘Honor thy father and thy mother that you may have a long life in the land which the Eternal, your God, is giving you’- is perhaps the earliest known acknowledgement of the human potential for intergenerational conflict. Yet it seems that every generation of humans has faced this dilemma, and perhaps never more so than during the 1960s, when a demographic time bomb loosed the largest generation of teenagers in history upon an unsuspecting world. With numbers on its side, this generation would set its own terms in the age-old conflict of youth vs. everyone else, and never those terms more clearly expressed than in the lyrics of My Generation.”

Recent and Incomplete works by Mathew Ware documentation

kICK Off

Yundi Wang

Kick off documentation

The Community of Mutualism

Artists:Hugo Blomley, Clara Joyce, Kostas Pavlidis, Kate Price, Lulu Wolf.

The Community of Mutualism documentation