Hugo Blomley

Hugo Blomley (b.1998) is an artist and co-founder of NWEB

                    Victorian College of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts (painting), 2018-20

                    2018   Maude Glover Fleay Scholarship

                    2018-Ongoing    Co-founder of '(It's Fucking Heinous) Nothing Works Except Beige'(NWEB)

                    Group Exhibitions:
		2021	 (Forthcoming) The Work Becomes The Reward, Sutton Gallery Project Space, Melbourne 
		2021	 (Forthcoming) Encapsulated, Caves, Melbourne (co-ordinated by Christopher LG Hill)
		2021	 The devil finds work for idle hands, Hyacinth , Melbourne 
		2021	 materialiZm, Missing Persons, Melbourne (Curated by Musée du strip)
		2020	 VCA Graduate Exhibition, VCA, Melbourne 
		2020     images for Cognition 2020, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne (mail & print based exhibition)	
		2020     Endless Lonely Planet 8, Melbourne, Good Press, Glasgow (co-ordinated by Christopher LG Hill)
		2020     Supernaculum, Brooklyn Arts Hotel, Melbourne 
		2019     School Hall Performance, Carlton Scout Hall, Melbourne (Curated by Nicola Blumenthal)
		2019     The river doesn't want you today, Melbourne's Living Museum of the West, Melbourne
		2019     Let me sit in the corner, I've just turned Zero, VCA artsspace, Melbourne (Curated by NWEB)
		2019     Good Ashes, Underground Flower, Perth (Curated by Underground Flower)
		2019     Health and Wellness, Gian's Basement, Melbourne (co-ordinated by Christopher LG Hill)	
		2019     Everyone sins in Venice, VCA arts space, Melbourne
		2018     As they are (Nearly), NWEB, Melbourne 
		2018     ______ Garden, VCA Art space, Melbourne
		2018	The impossibility of emptiness, Motorworks gallery, Melbourne
		2017	Rum factory group show, PSW Project Space, London
		2017	stArt up Top Arts, National Gallery of Victoria Australia, Melbourne	


			2020	'Honours, Victorian College of the Arts By Giles Fielke’.(Memo, Mebourne, 2020).
			2020	Editor, 'images for Cognition 2020'. (NWEB, Melbourne, 2020)
			2019	Co Editor & Author, 'The Lifeblood of Footscray'. (Self published - Single edition, 2019)
			2019	Editor, 'It's Fucking Heinous (Nothing Works Except Beige)'. (NWEB, Melbourne, 2019)
			2019	Catalogue Entry, '(Let me sit in the corner) (Go and sit in the corner and face the wall!)', It's 	Fucking Heinous (Nothing Works Except Beige). (NWEB, Melbourne, 2019)